These boots are meant for walkin’

3 Oct 2013                      


Head on down to Kallang River @ BishanAng Mo Kio Park and you will see people from all walks of life enjoying the many features of the beautiful park.

Last week, after having an early lunch at a coffee shop in Sin Ming, I decided to head on down to the park and take a nice leisurely stroll.

Didn’t expect to see so many people there at that scorching time of the day.

As I walked further along the park, I noticed an unusual sight…

I found a few pairs of Chu Kang’s workers trademark yellow boots lying around as if there was an on-going warehouse sale.

Being a busybody, I decided to look for the owners of these striking footwear.

The trail led me to the back of a shaded area where I saw a group of foreign workers having their lunch. I carried on walking and on my left, I noticed others strolling barefoot on the grass along the park admiring the panoramic view of this beautifully developed park, while on my right, others were simply laying on the grass patches basking in the hot afternoon sun.

It was good to see that everyone, from senior citizens to foreign workers, enjoying this beautiful park. I might probably head down next week for a half hour power nap and a tan during lunch time.

Kallang River @ BishanAng Mo Kio Park truly has something for everyone.

By Corn Can


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