Over the boardwalk

19 Sep 2013                  

Pic 1: View of the Changi Boardwalk, near Changi Beach Club.

It was a bright sunny afternoon in Singapore. As I was driving along the east coast of Singapore, I remembered that I was supposed to drop by the Changi Boardwalk to take some infrared photographs. And since I have my camera with me and that I badly need to burn off the sumptuous lunch that I had earlier, I quickly made my way down to Changi for a quick photoshoot.

First impression – Wow!  I can’t thank Passion Froooot enough for recommending this place, and including this link for my reference: http://www.wildsingapore.com/places/cbw.htm

The 2km-long boardwalk is a perfect place for a romantic stroll by the sea – without getting your feet wet! According to source: Wikipedia, the 2.4 metres footpaths were created to replace mud tracks and trails along the rocky coastline. And judging from the many sunset photos through Flickr search engine, I would say this is one of Singapore’s best spot for sunset photography.

I am not a hardcore nature lover, but I am sure you will appreciate what NParks and URA had done to preserve the natural ambience of the surrounding area. During my visit, I saw unique looking birds perching, in “chillax” mode on different kind of trees.

Pic 2: Keep a look out for interesting items on the beach. I found the placement of this log rather interesting. It made me wonder how it got there in the first place (I didn’t see any trees nearby). Probably, it got washed up on the beach recently, after travelling miles and miles at sea.

Pic 3: You can still get your feet wet by walking along the sandy beach.  A great place to watch aeroplanes fly past – Can you spot an aeroplane?

Pic 4: My favourite photo of the day – I saw an angler fixing his rod as I was making my way down to the beach. You can also get to see a lot yachts parked near this area.

For information: The usual and most common entrance to the boardwalk, next to Changi Beach Club is closed for renovation. You will have to make your way down to the other entrance point, near the Changi Sailing Club (see map and link below). According to the guide, there should be two more public entrances to this place – behind Civil Service Club and behind Changi Golf Club.

Graphic 1: Screen capture of map from NParks’ awesome guide to Changi Boardwalk.

By Hunter

Note: Hunter has kindly volunteered to contribute photo essays of interesting places around Singapore’s water bodies. If you would like to suggest for a place that he should visit, kindly send your suggestion to waterchatter@gmail.com.

Camera: Nikon D3000, Lens: 18-55mm.


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