This incredible thing called water

12 Sep 2013      

Whenever we discuss about water, it is always said that water is life. But have we ever pondered on how much water really means to us? Why is it that we find water so pleasing? Why do we appreciate the calming effects of the sounds of the waves on the beach so much? Or long for the serenity of living or just being near large bodies of water like reservoirs or ponds?

Water is not only life. We are water. Over 65% of biological our make up is water. Just imagine every human as a giant walking water balloon for a clearer picture. This may explain our attraction to what we are most natural with, other types of water. It makes us feel at home and at our most comfortable to be amongst the element that we are made up of.

Is it then not a surprise for a person to perish after just 3 days without water? When one is deprived of water, one is essentially deprived of the very building blocks of their lives. Staying hydrated is returning to the essence of our beings.

One should therefore appreciate this incredible thing called water. For only through the appreciation and caring for water can one truly appreciate and care for them.

By: ihmalk


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