By the long river of Kallang

29 Aug 2013                    

1Pic 1: In Feb 2012, PUB and Nparks officiated the opening of Kallang River @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park , which transformed a linear (boring) utilitarian concrete canal into a natural meandering river. Click on the image for a larger version of the aeriel view of KR@BAMK Park.

I really like this place. I have been to Kallang River @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (KR@BAMK Park) many times but I did not realise that the damn place is huge until I started taking photographs of the things that I see around the area.

While I noticed that MacRitchie Reservoir seems to be the most popular location for running enthusiasts, KR@BAMK Park is indeed the must-see recreational spot by the river. I was surprised to see that there are so many people (including me) at the park on a weekday morning.

Check out the rest of my photo essay. I hope you like what you see!

2Pic 2: KR@BAMK Park has since become one of the most popular spots for recreational activities for the nearby residents.

3Pic 3: Teachers from various schools across Singapore attended a workshop at KR@BAMK Park.

4Pic 4: A great place to relax while enjoying the view. My favourite photo of the day.

5Pic 5: Daybeds? Awesome spot for star gazing perhaps?

6Pic 6: Such scene is unique only to Singapore at the moment. Errr…I think.

7Pic 7: The buildings are so close to the water! I don’t think I can afford any of these units!

8Pic 8: This is where the meandering river meets the old conventional waterway (canal). I find this part of the river most interesting (This guy just keeps appearing in my photos. Go away!).

9Pic 9: Another view of the park as I make my way to Bishan Park 1. The earlier photos that you had seen are taken within Bishan Park 2. Yes! This place is huge!

10Pic 10: We are now in Bishan Park 1. Even the seats are unique! I got to take my hat off to the designer of this place.

11Pic 11: I don’t know what this is, hahahaha. But I’m guessing that it is a playground.

12Pic 12: Bridges, such as the one in this picture, are strategically located in the park to allow you to cross to either side of the banks.

13Pic 13: Not too sure if was the designers’ intent, but I noticed that there are more interesting looking trees in Bishan Park 1, and they provide great natural shades for you and me.

14Pic 14: More trees in Bishan Park 1 – I really like this photo too!

15Pic 15: I don’t think fishing is allowed here! But I can’t pass on the opportunity to snap this photo.

16Pic 16: Moving on the other side of the river. Stay with me!

17Pic 17: I got to admit that I was very disappointed at the outcome of this photo. There wasn’t enough sunlight to create the infrared effect. But I still would like to share this photo of one of the great hidden spots… for… ehem ehem… ; )

18Pic 18: Till next time! Have a great day people!

By Hunter

Note: Hunter has kindly volunteered to contribute photo essays of interesting places around Singapore’s waterbodies. If you would like to suggest for a place that he should visit, kindly send your suggestion to

Camera: Nikon D3000, Lens: 18-55mm.



  1. Leonard Ng

    Hi there,

    I am part of the design team at Atelier Dreiseitl and we like to thank you for the interesting photographic perspective…now we know how Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park looks like if ever there is Winter in Singapore!

    Glad you enjoy the park. Hope it will continue to be a place for pleasant memories for many years to come.



  2. can’t wait to take my D7K and IR filter out again. 😀


  3. Pingback: Look like snowing! In the park. :D -

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