My mother the water warrior!

23 Jul 2013                  

The power of recycled laundry water. No fertiliser added.

Many times, the discussion of saving water involves the idea of water conservation and not using more than you need. But is it possible to recycle water? As I scoured the Internet high and low for  viable answers, little did I know that I would find the answer at home. For the past 12 years, my dear beloved mother (aka Ma’ Kent) has been redirecting water from the washing machine and storing it for watering the plants. Additionally, you can also use this water for “flushing” the toilet.

My washing machine is a topload model – notorious – for water consumption as compared to the front load model. Ma’ Kent only recycles water from the second wash cycle because she claims that the water is a cleaner state as compared the first cycle which, according to her,  carries more dust, dirty and other impurities that you wouldn’t want to water your plants with. Of course if you wish to use water from the first cycle, you can go right ahead but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The only “difficult” thing regarding this is the storing of water. Now, for those of you worried about mozzies, you needn’t fear because the chances of you using this water within 2 days are pretty high.


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