MyWaters App: Coming Soon to Windows Phone

10 Apr 2013                        

I think my earlier article on water apps for Windows Phone got some attention from the good folks over at Singapore’s national water agency, PUB. I’m very happy to say that their MyWaters app, which is already available on iOS and Android, is currently in beta, and guess who got to test it out?

Even in beta, the app is already buttery smooth and very functional. There have been some bugs which I’ve pointed out to the development team, but overall, stability is excellent. Just like its iOS and Android counterparts, it will let you access CCTVs in key flood prone areas and get information about the water sensors island-wide. In addition, you can view and share latest water-related events and various Active, Beautiful and Clean Water sites with your friends and take a quiz on water trivia.

image001 I managed to snag a quick picture of it. There’s a lot more where this came from, we just have to be patient for it.

The iOS and Android apps have already been out since last year, then why is the Windows Phone app not out yet if the feature set is similar? Well, it’s because Metro design takes time.

For all you water fans that are unfamiliar with Windows Phone, the design style and the way information is organised visually on the platform is vastly different from competing platforms. That means significant time spent redesigning and recoding.

They aren’t too sure when it will arrive on the Windows Phone Store because there’s quite a bit more work that needs to be done, so be sure to like and follow them to get the latest updates on this new app. It’s great to see the PUB showing Windows Phone users some love, and I really appreciate that they are trying to make it as consistent with the Metro design as possible, as compared to a shoddy port. We’ll make sure to download it and give it great ratings when it comes out, won’t we?

By Jax Sparrow


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