The Bridge

28 Mar 2013                      


Its 11pm @ the Jalan Kayu bridge (Lower Seletar Reservoir Dam).

As I go about my night patrol along Singapore’s most popular chill out bridges, I wonder what the highlight of the night would be.

As I jog along the bridge, I see the usual group of people along the road. The first group that I see is the Night Birds. This bunch of fellas normally pitch their tents on the concrete damn, fish, booze, play cards or usually have “fast ones” in their tents. I glance at the zipped up moving tent and smile. I guess I’m not the only one who’s burning calories!

image003 image002

As I continue my journey, I can see a group of cute girls in short shorts and tees (that expose their toned bellies) hanging around the ice-cream man as he continues to ring his bell! Ooooh Yeah!

Further down, I see the various car clubs meet up groups on both side of the roads. Tonight are the “Forresters”, Swifts and the BMW 6series… Ever since the car park at Kallang’s McDonald came up with gantry parking, most of the car clubs have shifted to the bridge. These drivers are all chillin in their portal deck chairs while chugging down their beers and shooting the breeze. I’m sure the Traffic Police will have a field day if they set up a road block before the dam.


David Guetta’sTitanium starts to drown Technotronic’s Get Up that was pounding my eardrums. Haha. I must be approaching the Audio Freakazoids! These groups of vans with their ICE (In Car Entertainment) are parked by the side of the road while the proud owners inspect each other’s equipment while impressing the others with their aftermarket sound systems.

As I reach the end of the road, I turn right and head to the RC Sailing & Electric Boat Deck. This famous stretch known as make out point is normally where couples enjoy each other’s company while stealing kisses and “errhheemming” while enjoying the romantic atmosphere, serenity and breeze from the reservoir. Today, I see only two couples sitting on the benches and sadly, there’s not much action going on. Hahahaha…

image005 image006 image007 image008

After reaching the end, I U-turn and jog back to my start point. I see the usually delivery vehicles parked along both sides of the road while the groups of people are chatting and eating at the back of their lorries while others are taking a strolling nearby. Some people from the earlier groups that I saw have dispersed while others continue to enjoy the night. Finally, I see a group of cyclists that are also towards my start point. So, the Night Riders (cyclists) are present. Surprisingly, only the Biker Mice from Mars (Motorcycle Groups) are not here today. Wonder why…


30 minutes have passed. Phew… Time to cool down and head to Yishun Safra’s 24hr Mac’s to grab a quick bite and check out the chicks there. The journey continues…

Knight Rider


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