Scouting the NVC

26 Mar 2013                    

For those of you who haven’t visited the NEWater Visitor Centre (NVC)  at Koh Sek Lim Road, I think you’re missing out. I was there the other day, shadowing a group of students from the Singapore Scout Association, who had the privilege to get a tour specially tailored to help Cub Scouts understand more about water.

Jax NVC 7
Dressed smartly in lab coats, these kids are ready to find out all about water

The Scouts were provided with iPods to help them with their learning. Installed in each iPod was an app, available exclusively on devices at the NVC, loaded with interactive games and questions that can be answered by exploring the exhibits. I wanted to try the app as well, but alas, I wasn’t part of the Scouts and was perhaps a little too old for it. However, from what I saw, it looks to be nicely done with bright and vibrant colours that were sure to get the attention of children, thus encouraging them to learn more about water in Singapore.

I think this method of teaching kids to save water is really effective. I mean, just look at how engrossed they are!

Jax NVC 3
Times have certainly changed. In the past, all we had were boring black and white worksheets

Even if you’ve been here before, the NVC is worth another visit because it was refurbished last year, which means that the exhibits are newer and present facts in a more engaging manner. The best part? Entry is free; you’d just have to book a tour in advance. I can’t guarantee that you’d get the same iPod experience as these lucky Scouts, but I can promise you an eye-opening glimpse into the future of water in Singapore.

By Jax Sparrow


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