A little piece of Berlin in Singapore

22 Mar 2013                     

Jax Berlin Wall
A little piece of international history

If any of you live on one end of the island and study or work on the other, you’d know my pain. I take the bus from my home in Simei to school, in Clementi, having to endure the dreadfully long journey every single day. One thing I do look forward to though is the view from the window whenever my bus passes Bedok Reservoir Park.

On a day I was released particularly early from school, I thought that it would be nice to take a short stroll around this park, especially since I haven’t visited it for a while. What took me by surprise though, were not the joggers, or the kayakers, or even the anglers that head to the new fishing zone by the reservoir every week. I could hardly believe my eyes.

Upon me was a piece of history, a small section of the Berlin Wall, the exact symbolic structure that stood strong for most of the Cold War, dividing the city for almost three decades. I had no idea an important piece of history was on display to the public at Bedok Reservoir Park, of all places, for the last three years! I had never seen it before because it wasn’t very visible from the road, being camouflaged among the large trees that surrounded it.

This section of the wall, which was donated by Mr Robert Hefner, is heavily graffitied, but not the type done by vandals. Instead, it was the work of a German artist who wanted to showcase a Germany that was divided between capitalism and communism during the Cold War. For history buffs who want a highly artistic lesson in a natural setting, here’s the best part: It’s absolutely free to view, at any hour of the day. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to end a nice day at perhaps one of the most relaxing parks in the east of Singapore.

By Jax Sparrow


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