Lost Japanese Gold

15 Mar 2013                

lost japanese gold
There is gold here. Maybe metaphorically. Maybe literally. 

There is a legend in Singapore, that one or more several caches of gold were secreted away in various parts of Singapore. Much of the gold was rumoured to have been acquired when General Yamashita Tomoyuke (in some documents spelled Tomoyuki) burned a path through South East Asia, pillaging and sacking numerous cities for gold (and other rare stones and metals, but mostly gold). When the Axis powers fell in Europe, it was rumoured that Yamashita was ordered by the powers that be to consolidate and hide the gold, so that in the future, Japan could rise to power again.

It was also rumoured Yamashita formed a secret council, called the Golden Lily. Its purpose was to funnel a significant amount of gold away from the main cache and hide it in the Philippines. This was to be done without the knowledge of the His Highness. Unfortunately, the Allied naval actions accidentally (they sunk any vessel that wasn’t flying their flag. They didn’t know about the gold..or so they say) made sure the plan was not fully realised, and only a certain amount managed to reach Philippines. The media has reported several instances of modern day treasure hunters hitting pay dirt in Philippines.

Rumour now stands that a fair amount of gold of lies hidden in Singapore, most famously in and around MacRitchie Reservoir. In fact there is a little Japanese shrine in the forests of MacRitchie, where many have visited and found nothing (please ask a guide to lead you to it rather than bashing into the forest. There have been cases of people being lost in the wooded areas around the reservoir).

Of course most of this is all based on World War II conspiracies, mixed with rumours, spiced with tales of cursed gold and should be all taken with a gigantic serving of salt. But with World War II relics being dug up every so often in Singapore, you never know if your HDB void deck is actually covering up some secret vault.

On a sidenote, if you find that gold, could you share some of it with me? Thanks!

Clarke Kent


One comment

  1. Well we can surely expect gold hunters armed with metal detectors to be out in force at the Syonan Jinja now..


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