Aqua Running

15 Mar 2013                   

Aqua running
Mastered the backstroke? Great! Now try aqua running!

There is a lot of concern about running/jogging, specifically the wear and tear on the joints. There has also been great debate about running technique – heel striking vs on-the-ball-of-your-foot vs midfoot running – and whether you should run barefoot or with track shoes.

However, some people have blamed it on the advent of roads (something about Newton’s third law coming into effect when you strike a dense, compact material like tarmac that does not absorb nor distribute the weight) and thus have decided to take running into the water.

Called aqua running, proponents of this hybrid sport argue that, among other things, it trains your cardio, reduces damage to your joints and gives you a great reason to hit the water! It’ll be much more easier to show a demonstrate rather than explain it, so here’s a professional doing it.


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