Paddle Pop

14 Mar 2013                        

My favourite water site. Mac R!

The best place for me to get my training done and build up my muscles at the same time. Twice a week, I’ll be punishing both my body and my paddle.

This water body is the perfect place for me to unleash my frustration from uni life as I can violently batter the water around me with my hardy paddle.

Last week, a reporter (for a local unheard of magazine) asked for my most unforgettable memory of this place. I will now share it with you all. This was years ago, was when I was new to the sport…

Gerald Koh Kin Soon (I named u again! Muahaha) and I had a friendly competition to see who would be the faster canoeist in 4E2. We raced and midway, the cock’s paddle somehow flew out of his hand. I head his shouts asking me to help retrieve it but I ignored his faint calls and finished the race before turning back and laughing at him.

Some may say I’m mean but the fella deserved it (he used to be known as a really irritating chao keng king) as he was so full of himself (no hard feelings, buddy). At that time, of course! Now he is a perfect gentleman.

Damn funny la. I still vividly remember the sight of him frantically using his hands to manoeuvre to reach his paddle. Hahahaha.

Anyway, fast forward to current day… and I’m glad to say that Gerald is no longer paddling with the rest of us but is still causing a racquet! He is an excellent badminton player and I always remind him to have a good firm grip on his Carbonex when he plays!


By Biceps


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