I feel it in my toes

14 Mar 2013                      

feel it

I’ve never liked the feeling of wet, squelchy grass between my toes. That was what I was greeted with when the husband and I brought the kids for a first-hand experience with nature at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the place is now breathtakingly beautiful. The gentle, meandering river through the park has given the place a new lease of life. It looks like something out of a postcard…. Except for the wet, squelchy grass beneath. I believe it had rained the night before and the grassy plain was wet and quite muddy. My son however, the ever-ready trooper immediately took off his shoes and delved straight into the squelchiness. Then my daughter followed suit, though not as enthusiastic. Even my 1.5 year old twins could barely contain their excitement.

I had no choice but to follow in their wake. We reached the river’s edge and the kids wasted no time in plunging in. There were tiny fish in the water. The kids were thrilled. Occasionally the beauty was marred by a floating plastic bag… or a carelessly thrown cup. I could see the displeasure in my kids faces when that happened. So I quickly took the opportunity to remind them not to throw any rubbish anywhere… as that was where it would end up.

Only the promise of breakfast at MacDonald’s could drag the kids away from the river. I had never seen muddier and wetter kids. But they were so happy. And I was too… Thanks Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park for a wonderful Saturday morning…. The squelchy grass did not seem quite so bad after all.

 By Rae of Light


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