Highway Run into the Midnight Sun

13 Mar 2013                        


It’s all so quiet. It’s all so still. I’m all alone and it’s so peaceful until…   the Casio fx501 beeps.

Its 11pm @ Bishan Park (the one nearer to Upper Thomson Rd).

As I go about my night patrol along Singapore’s most beautiful park (my personal opinion), I wonder what the highlight of the night would be.

The watch begins with Pump Up the Jam pumping my adrenalin while my Zoom Air pounds the tarmac. First sight – A fatty stretching and trying his best to touch his shoes. I grin as I imagine his pants slowly splitting at the centre. Unless he feels the cold draft, he wouldn’t know the he is exposing himself while running. Muahahaha.

As I run along the calm naturalized river that meanders through the park, I see two cyclists zooming towards me. Men should never wear tights like those. Really NOT flattering, especially for this dude.  More breathable attire would be good and not an eyesore. His lady friend however, Ooh La La! The gentle slopes and features make my run more pleasurable.

Half way thru and I am distracted by the clover shaped skyscrapers that overlook the waterway. The residents there really hit the jackpot. Had I know the park would look this good; I would have bought a place there. Damnsss! Could have easily made a tidy profit but oh well, sigh, that’s life! Even at this hour, I see people relaxing and enjoying the many features that this beautifully designed park has to offer.

30 minutes have passed. Phew… Time to cool down and head to Mac’s to grab a quick bite and check out the chicks there. The journey continues…


By Knight Rider


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