Bedok Reservoir in a Different Light

8 Mar 2013                        

Pic 1: Bedok Reservoir Floating Platform.

I like taking photographs – I wouldn’t really say that I am extremely passionate about it (the technicality) but I do love showing people how I see life from different perspectives.

I believe that in order to maintain the drive for this hobby, one must couple photography with another form of interest. Some prefer fashion, while others may prefer landscape/seascape or street photography. As for me, I love photographing sceneries at parks, reservoirs or other water bodies in Singapore.

Pic 2: Trees at Bedok Reservoir Park.

Infrared photography is one technique which I have always wanted to try out. Recently, after sending my newly acquired second-hand camera for an infrared modification, I set out for my first infrared-photoshoot at Bedok Reservoir.

I have not really set on a signature colour processing, but I am merely sharing photos which I took at Bedok Reservoir – taken on two different days under different lighting conditions.

Pic 3: Poles.

Pic 4: Bedok Reservoir is a popular spot for joggers.

Pic 5: You can get close to the water!

 Pic 6: View from the hill. Beautiful isn’t it?

Thanks for viewing! I hope I can settle on a colour signature by my next entry!

By Hunter


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