Let The Man Shower

19 Jan 2013                       


How far would you go to prove a point about water conservation? Would you go days on end without showering?

Well that’s exactly what 19 year-old Aaron from Ngee Ann Polytechnic did today along Orchard Road. As part of a school initiative entitled “Let Aaron Shower”, Aaron isn’t allowed to shower until he achieves pledges and other social media hits that will be converted to 230 litres of water – the estimated amount of water required for a mere five minute shower.

Despite the bad weather, the students behind the “Let Aaron Shower” initiative was out in full force. Some were   informing passers-by about water conservation while others were attempting to get the Saturday shoppers to support the cause. I should point out poor Aaron was locked in a clear plastic box throughout the entire four hour plus roadshow – a daring monument to spearhead the idea that five minutes in the shower is suffice.

Perhaps the most interesting highlight of the roadshow was that whenever passers-by pressed the big, shiny button on the box that was holding Aaron; a mini flash mob made up of Aaron’s supporters would appear out of nowhere to perform a funky dance routine.

Readers interested in helping Aaron and the Let Aaron Shower initiative can do so by pledging at www.letaaronshower.com/

By Clarke Kent


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