Of sanitation and disbelievers

4 Jul 2012                        

Some final words at the World Water Leaders Summit Closing Session

When the term ‘water conservation’ comes to mind, people usually think about the irresponsible use of water such as leaving the tap running or spending hours in the shower every day.

However, for the likes of Professor Tommy Koh, Chairperson of the Water Leaders Summit and Ambassador-at-large, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, the issue of sanitation comes to mind instead.

“Eighty percent of waste generated is not treated in Asia,” said Professor Koh in his statement at the Water Leaders Summit Closing Session today. He felt that this issue should come under greater scrutiny and governments should rope in private companies to collaborate on possible solutions.

Professor Koh also highlighted the need to re-iterate the message of water conservation to the masses world-wide. “We need to teach our people to treasure water. People are not going to treasure it if it’s given away free or subsidised,” he said.

By Clarke Kent


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