Water challenges and solutions: An industry perspective

3 Jul 2012                         

Industrial Water Solutions Forum

What do you get when you put some of the most innovative and daring high-ranking executives from companies like Shell and Nestlé in one room?

You get snapshots of the current world market trend. You learn about forward looking investment themes based on these trends. And you understand how water plays a pivotal role for these industries and more.

From the mining industry to the energy business to the F&B trade, the inaugural Industrial Water Solutions Forums allowed operators from such industries to come together to discuss and brainstorm how best to enact a cross-industry collaboration in order to allow for future growth while minimising environmental impact. As one speaker so eloquently put it: “If you want to get there fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The problem is we want to go both fast and far”.

By Clarke Kent


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