A Wetland in the Heartland

1 Jul 2012                           

I arrived early at the Sengkang Floating Wetland at Punggol Reservoir and decided to walk along the wooden bridge that rises just above the calm water of the reservoir. The floating wetland didn’t feel out of place even though the landscape was shared by flats and MRT tracks. In fact, it was refreshing to see such natural beauty in the middle of man-made, urban structures.

I noticed people young and old enjoying the serene body of water. Old folks were practicing Tai Chi, fathers and sons were cycling along the paths and couples were just relaxing and taking in the beautiful sights.

A short while later, I joined up with a group of about 10 people, guided by four students from Compassvale Secondary School. The four enthusiastic young men educated the group on the interesting features about the wetland and the reservoir. I even got to find out firsthand about the quality of water in the reservoir.

The student guides brought along a bucket full of simple tests that they let us try. My group carried out a simple experiment and observed that the water was relatively clear and free of debris. There was also no unpleasant odour in the water. We then dropped a few tablets in the water to test the amount of oxygen and salinity of the water and found that the conditions were very viable for sustaining life. There was enough oxygen and the salinity was just right for fish, which explained the thriving flora and fauna in the wetland.

Simply put, the morning was an educational one. Through games and activities, my group and I realized how important this reservoir was to sustaining the life of plants and animals living there, not forgetting also providing Singaporeans with clean water.

By Dillion Tan


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