The Best Home For Us All

1 Jul 2012                          

PM Lee assures Singapore is not resting on its laurels to achieve a sustainable and liveable future 

A boisterous Chinese dragon dance welcomed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for the Joint Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception of three global events held together for the first time in Singapore. Addressing some 3,000 city leaders, experts and delegates on the first day of the Singapore International Water Week, World Cities Summit and CleanEnviro Summit, PM Lee spoke of Singapore’s continuing strive to develop a sustainable and liveable city for its citizens and visitors.

“We may be a densely populated city but we’re determined to continue improving Singapore, so that our people live comfortably and pleasantly. This is how we will make Singapore the best home for all of us,” he said.

The challenge, Mr Lee added, is to balance long-term environmental objectives with meeting rising expectations of a booming population more exposed to beautiful cities elsewhere.

Beyond improving physical infrastructure, Singapore’s social capital has to continue to grow as well. That means “integrating Singaporeans, newly-arrived immigrants and foreign workers, preserving ethnic harmony and building a more compassionate society”.

The increasing complexities of urbanisation are why conferences like the World Cities Summit, Singapore International Water Week and CleanEnviro Summit are being brought together this year. The aim is to facilitate discourse on integrated urban planning solutions.

By Ivan Lim


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