MyWaters – Connecting you with the waters of Singapore

30 Jun 2012                        

Coming on the heels of the renowned Singapore International Water Week, PUB has launched MyWaters in the App Store to cater to all things H2O. 

With weather patterns getting more erratic, ever wondered how you can stay updated with real-time information regarding flash floods and water levels islandwide?

With MyWaters, now you can! Touted as an innovative Utility and Lifestyle iPhone Application with a social twist, MyWaters promises a wide array of information and services provided by PUB, the national water agency, right at your fingertips.

Never be caught off guard by inclement weather again! Through this application, users can access the latest updates on flash flood situations by checking water level information in key drains and canals, as well as road conditions at selected areas via CCTV images during heavy downpours. In addition, users can subscribe to push notifications from multiple water level sensors across the island, equipping them with all the information they need to stay dry.

To encourage Singaporeans to forge a closer bond with water, MyWaters also provides useful and compelling information on water-related topics, engaging users in a fun and light-hearted way.

Enjoy one of the most comprehensive application experiences with features including the introduction of our idyllic Active, Beautiful and Clean Waters (ABC Waters) sites that users can visit and a calendar of exciting community events. You can also challenge yourself to an enjoyable ‘water trivia’ pursuit and learn more about Singapore’s water story.

In addition, users can embark on a self-guided “eTour” at the Marina Barrage. A ‘share’ feature encourages users to upload photos of the beautiful waterscapes around the island onto a public gallery, whereas a dedicated feedback channel allows users to send their feedback/suggestions to PUB. Best of all, an augmented reality feature lets you take a snapshot with the irresistible Water Wally at MacRitchie Reservoir.

MyWaters features:

  • Access to 24 CCTV cameras to view the situation at selected flood prone areas. Users can do a search for cameras located at their area of interest via Current Location, Postal Code or Street Name.
  • Push-notifications on rising/receding water levels from a network of 153 sensors located around our island. Users can also search all 153 sensors via Current Location, Postal Code or Street Name. A detailed map view of the selected area and a graph of water level for past two hours are also shown. Users are also given an option to subscribe to SMS Alerts or iPhone iAlerts to receive the information.
  • View and share the latest water related events on Facebook. A “Notify Me” function auto-updates events to the user’s iCalendar.
  • Have fun with our Augmented Reality Water Wally and share your amusing photos.
  • Go on a tour of Marina Barrage with the eTours function.
  • Search for information and view/share photos from our vibrant and scenic ABC Waters sites.
  • Challenge yourself to our quiz and see how well you fare with water trivia.
  • Enjoy the convenience of providing feedback to PUB anytime, anywhere.
  • Like and follow PUB on our Facebook page.

Said George Madhavan, Director of 3P Network at PUB: “MyWaters app is a natural extension of our public engagement efforts to better connect with the community. This new iPhone application provides seamless up-to-date information at your finger tips and is a great way for us to reach out and interact with users wherever they are. PUB intends to roll out this application on other mobile platforms by the end of this year.”

Users can download the MyWaters iPhone application in any country where an iTunes Store is available. This application is also compatible with the iPad and iTouch.

With so much to see and do, the only thing you need to get started is some enthusiasm and a thirst for fun. Dive into MyWaters today!

Download our free iPhone application from Apple’s App Store: MyWaters

 By Ivan Lim


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