World Water Day @ Kranji Marshlands

24 Mar 2012                   

To help our younger ones learn more about how important clean water is, 75 students went on a biodiversity and birdwatching walk at Kranji Marshlands to understand more about the biodiversity and wildlife dependant on it. The walk, organised by Nature Society (Singapore), was part of the various activities that took place across 15 locations islandwide on 24 March, in celebration of Singapore’s World Water Day.

Today, Kranji Reservoir, with its bund marshes, is a popular bird watching area, with a rich birdlife biodiversity of almost 140 bird species recorded. This forms an impressive 40 percent of the 350 total number of species recorded for Singapore.

Led by guides from Nature Society (Singapore), the walk was a wonderful ‘outdoor classroom’ idea to bring the students closer to the biodiversity and wildlife Kranji Marshlands teems with. The emphasis was on how the clean water around the area helps the flora and fauna flourish, while reminding participants of the role they play in keeping the waters clean.

“Helping to conduct the Birdwatching Walk, I was very encouraged to see how enthusiastic the students were in wanting to discover more about Kranji Marshlands and the biodiversity it is home to. On Saturday morning, the students were able to see both male and female papaya flowers and study their differences, as well as observe water snails with their bright pink eggs. We also managed to spot hardworking baya weavers building their unique hanging nests, and eagle nests high up in the albizzia canopy.  For a more enriching experience, we strongly encourage them to come back for the regular public walks to spot more bird species and appreciate the wonders of nature.”  — Mr Lee How Hay, Assistant Director (Best Sourcing) at PUB & Volunteer Guide at Nature Society (Singapore).

Students and teachers from Bukit View Primary and Kranji Secondary listening intently to the briefing by Lee Ee Ling, guide from Nature Society (Singapore), before going on the morning’s birdwalk tour

Getting up close: students observing the birds and learning more about different bird species. Avid bird enthusiasts will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of exotic birds such as Red-wattled Lapwing, Purple Swamphen, Rusty-breasted Cuckoo, White-browed Crake, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Grey-headed Fish Eagle and more.

Mr Lee How Hay, Assistant Director (Best Sourcing) at PUB & Volunteer Guide at Nature Society (Singapore) pointing out the various bird species sighted at the Kranji bund.

Students explored the Kranji Marshlands and gleaned insights on how clean water plays an important part in flourishing biodiversity.

Students got to experience the sights and sounds of nature, and learnt the impact of water quality on wildlife survival.

Kranji Reservoir’s wetlands are one of the island’s last remaining enclaves of freshwater marshes and home to several endangered bird species.

By Singapore World Water Day Committee


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