World Water Day @ Jurong Lake

24 Mar 2012                        

Jurong Lake saw 16 partners getting together to celebrate Singapore’s World Water Day on 24 March 2012. To start off that Saturday morning, 120 participants gathered for the Pail Relay, walking 3.2km around Jurong Lake with their little blue pails, as a symbolic reminder of how clean water doesn’t come by easy – remembering how people in developing countries have to walk an average of 6km every day to fetch water. The day also saw free kayaking clinics run by PA Water Venture and a dragonboat race.

Taman Jurong CCC and T Net@Taman Jurong hosted the biggest-ever Mass Water Filtration Exercise for the Singapore Book of Records. The simple exercise offered a glimpse of the hard work and effort that goes into the water treatment process – from raw source to the water we have from the taps. This exercise aims to help people better appreciate our precious water resources and value the clean drinking water we have flowing from our taps.

“I wanted to organize a mass activity that would be both fun and educational”, shares Mr Terence Kam, Secretary of T Net@Taman Jurong. While out with his young nephew, he chanced upon some DIY Science Experiment Kits. The Water Filtration one proved particularly interesting, “I thought that it would be a fun and novel way to give participants a tiny glimpse into the comprehensive water treatment system we have.  After all, Singaporeans today are able to gain access to clean drinking water straight from the tap, but how many of us know about the effort and resource it takes for the water to travel from source to tap?” When his nephew tore his attention away from his mobile phone, to want to help put the kit together, Terence knew he was onto something.

“We had more than 1000 participants for the Mass Water Filtration Exercise – the overwhelming response went beyond our expectations. As we ran short of kits, it was so heartening to see participants readily sharing their kits with those without. The support from the community was very encouraging – with partners from various schools and companies, residents, and even our own Singapore Civil Defence Force officers – who all wanted to be a part of the water cause for Singapore’s World Water Day!”

Blue pails awaiting participants of the mass water filtration exercise to pick them up! Each pail comes outfitted with the official World Water Day 2012 logo and a water saving tip.

For the Water Pail Relay, Yuan Ching Secondary School students walked 3.2km around Jurong lake with Guest-of-Honour Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Minister for Manpower and Advisor to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations.

DPM Tharman working hand in hand with student from Lakeside Primary School to construct the water filtration device. The filtration device is made using recycled NEWater bottles, with different layers of filtration materials.

DPM Tharman putting the finishing touch on the mass water filtration exercise with a student from Lakeside Primary School.

DPM Tharman taste-testing if there is any difference between NEWater and the other mineral water brand with students from SAYE, Science Centre Singapore. He agrees with Science Centre Singapore that he cannot taste any difference between NEWater and the other mineral water brand.

Learning more about Mann+Hummel Ultra Flo Pte Ltd’s portable water filtration unit. Mann+Hummel Ultra Flo is the newest adopter of Jurong Lake. The other adopters are Jurong Country Club, Civil Defence Academy (SCDF), National Service Training Institute (SCDF), and Jurong Secondary School

Singapore Civil Defence Force Officers from 4th CD Divison HQ, explaining to DPM Tharman how their unit contributes towards water sustainability with their innovative fire-fighting equipment.

Students from NTU Earthlink giving a brief explanation about the good work they do for villagers in developing countries

A big thank you to all our community partners who made Singapore’s World Water Day @ Jurong Lake a wonderful experience to remember!

By Singapore World Water Day Committee 


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