‘Little teachers’ on a mission

24 Mar 2012                  

Five students from Anchor Green Primary School led an ABC Waters Learning Trail, specially customised for pre-schoolers at Sengkang Floating Wetland, as part of Singapore’s World Water Day celebrations on 24 March 2012.

The Saturday morning saw the five students, from Primary 4 and Primary 5, playing ‘little teachers’, teaching their young counterparts interesting facts about Sengkang Floating Wetland, how to protect it and conserve water. This programme is especially impactful as the young children will, in turn, bring these good habits home to their families. In total, about 15 preschoolers from PCF (Sengkang West Branch) participated.

In full support of the initiative, Mr Anthony Lua, Vice-Principal from Anchor Green Primary School shares, “Having our students lead the ABC Waters Learning Trail is a wonderful opportunity for them to develop key leadership skills. This is in line with our school’s core values on building character and confidence, inculcating a sense of responsibility and respect.”

Highlights from the Preschool Learning Trail

Anchor Green Primary School’s Vice Principal Mr Anthony Lua introducing the wildlife and biodiversity at the wetland to participants

At the ‘Active’ Station of the learning trail, participants were encouraged to care for the environment through a clean-up activity. They also learnt about how litter harms the environment and the living things in it. 

At the ‘Beautiful’ Station, participants were taught to identify the various types of trees and plants surrounding the wetland.

Kindergarten students from the PAP Community Foundation Sengkang West Branch enjoying the story A Legend of the Wetlands, a big story book conceptualised and written by teachers as part of the learning package at Sengkang Floating Wetland. 

Teacher-in-charge Ms Vinitha Nair and students showcasing highlights of the learning trail to Guest-of-Honour Dr Lam Pin Min at the Anchor Green Primary carnival booth

Presenting our stars for the day – the Primary 4 and 5 students from Anchor Green Primary School who led the preschool learning trail on their own! From left, we have Sylvia, Matilda, Sabrina, Jolene and Clement.

What did Anchor Green Primary School do for World Water Day?

“Anchor Green Primary School organised a learning trail for preschool pupils today. I took part in the ‘Active’ station. We read a book (A Legend of the Wetlands) and did a survey with the pupils. It was very fun and they participated lively in our activities!” – Matilda

What did you like best about today?

“When I was at the Anchor Green Primary School booth, I helped the other residents in the leaf-rubbing activity.  I also liked reading the book to the preschoolers and participating in the face-painting. I did this!” (She proudly shows the flowers painted on her arm) – Sabrina

How can Singaporeans appreciate water?

We should not waste water by bathing under 5 minutes. And we should not throw rubbish into the river to pollute it.” – Sylvia

What did you like best about conducting today’s learning trail?

I liked becoming a ‘little teacher’, talking to the pupils and teaching them. Also, I learnt that we must be patient towards little kids.” – Jolene

I liked being a teacher and teaching the pupils the right moral values and how to conserve water.” – Clement

By Singapore World Water Day Committee


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