Learning Trail at MacRitchie Reservoir

10 Jul 2011                        

50 lower secondary school students attended the Learning trail at Macritchie in conjunction of the http://www.siww.com.sg/water-showcases. One of the tasks that the students had to do was to piece together puzzle depicting the process of how potable water is obtained. Local catchment water is one of the four national taps of Singapore and it is important for the young ones to know how this water reaches our homes eventually.


A student mentor explaining the various points of highlights at MacRitchie Reservoir

Here are the more technical bits to boost your knowledge – runoff water from the rain will be collected in the reservoir and a draw-off tower is present to draw water from the reservoir and send it to the pumping station downstream. The pumping station then pumps water from the reservoir to the water treatment plant where water is treated and disinfected before it is distributed to all parts of Singapore. In case of heavy rain, the spillway constructed allows water to overflow from the reservoir and helps control flood and protect the dam.

Through this learning trail, students also learnt about the biodiversity of the forest and how human activities impact the natural environment. I am sure they had an enriching experience in the learning trail and took away as much as I did.

By Tang Chee Xuan


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