Not Yet Time for Goodbyes

8 Jul 2011                          

I was first introduced to the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) by my erstwhile lecturer, Ms Koh Joh Ting, who’s now with PUB. I was invited to do it last year but had to turn it down because I was in the army, so when the opportunity came up this year, I grabbed it.

With a few weeks to go before I fly off to New York’s Columbia University for my Masters degree, how I spend my time here is very important. I’m glad I chose to become a youth reporter with the SIWW. I’ve learnt so much about water issues, the many steps Singapore’s taking to ensure self-sufficiency, emerging trends, the latest industry innovations and so on. I got to talk to visitors and participants, including the charismatic Mr Anders Berntell, Executive Director of the Stockholm International Water Institute (holler if you’re reading this!). Though I must say it’s quite a bummer that I didn’t get to meet any of the others who contributed to this blog…

It wasn’t all smooth-sailing tough – there were points where I felt like I wasn’t performing up to mark or doing enough. I was recovering from a tonsil infection and was graduating that week, so it was quite a challenging, packed week.

But I couldn’t be more thankful for the experience. SIWW 2011 may be over but it’s legacy will live on. I’ve gained so much from it, learnt so much about the world in which I live, and, most importantly, learnt so much about myself. And the challenges were certainly manageable – I had the honour of having Ms Koh (and her colleagues) guided me when I questioned myself, and the benefit of the constant adrenalin rush that I always experience before, during and after every interview. And of course, Black & Veatch for opening up such an opportunity for me to showcase what I can do.

Would I do it all over again? Definitely. And that’s why it’s yet not time for goodbyes.

By Sujith Kumar


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