Innovation in Water R&D book launched at Water Expo

7 Jul 2011                         

PUB, Singapore’s national water agency launches a bi-annual publication of R&D projects in Innovation in Water | Singapore at the Singapore International Water Week.

Not that I’m enamoured by everything on print and will devour even this corporate material. But even though nothing seemed to make sense to me from all the jargons and chemical technical terms, it reminded me of the importance of communication from one corporate entity to another (especially across countries at this international event).


Permanent Secretary for National Research and Development, Mr Teo Ming Kian, was there yesterday to launch the book. It is a compilation of water R&D efforts in Singapore, including projects initiated by PUB and a collaborative project of PUB with international partners.

The publication served to raise awareness of available funding opportunities and schemes that would benefit like-minded individuals and corporations to start-up their water projects with PUB.

“We would like to call on companies, institutions and individuals with ideas for water R&D to come forth and collaborate with us in developing technologies that help address global water challenges,” said Mr Khoo Teng Chye, Chief Executive Officer of PUB Singapore.

The inaugural issue consists of projects like a membrane bioreactor that cleans Singapore’s water bodies, an early warning system to forecast algal blooms, an E. Coli bacterial detection method and more.

Mr Khoo says these are all possible because of Singapore’s 23 research institutes and corporate laboratories. “Singapore’s distinct advantage lies in the test-bedding opportunities that it offers for new water ideas and technologies.”

Let’s keep it up, Singapore!

By Kylie Chia
Singapore Polytechnic


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