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7 Jul 2011                  

When I heard that I was posted to cover the Australian, European and Indian Business Forums at the Suntec City Convention Hall, I felt a wave of apprehension. Business forums? In my mind, I saw images of alien mathematical formulas, unfamiliar technical jargon and endless discussions.
Well, I was right on at least two counts- there were indeed mathematical formulas and technical jargon during the discussions, but there was one thing I did not expect- me enjoying these forums. Attending these forums reminded me of attending lectures in Singapore Polytechnic – there was a sense of familiarity about it.

I particularly enjoyed the keynote speech by Lord Julian Hunt, the Baron Hunt of Chesterton and former tutor of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who managed to cram many interesting information about the “Implication of Climate Change for expanding Cities World Wide” into appropriate visual aids such as bars and charts.

Through his presentation, I learnt about some of the challenges cities faced, such as the trends in growth of the urban areas, policy concerns and the risks associated with urban growth and climate change.

Did you know that at this very second, ice sheets the size of Singapore which are formed in 2002 are disappearing in a month? Glaciers are also moving much more rapidly than before. Climate change is a real and very serious issue, but at the very least, countries are taking a much more active role in preventing now.

Millions, and sometimes billions of dollars are going into investments for effective water management. Take Australia for example, the country has invested $30 billion for a five year plan on water projects.
Through the forums, I have learned many new things and ways in which governments and businesses around the world are using to combat climate change. With so much effort being put in to water conservation, one can only hope that it will all pay off one day.

By Nicholas Teo
Singapore Polytechnic, Roving Reporter for Youth@SIWW


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