A Terrific Launch Worth Remembering

5 Jul 2011                           

I was at the release of the World Health Organisation’s Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality 4th Edition on the 4th of July, where distinguished representatives from the World Health Organisation (WHO) made the book’s launch grandly worthwhile.

To commence, we had Mr Robert Bos provide a simple, yet well thought out introduction, which set the tone just right. The next part was my favourite, where after further elaborations, Dr Maria Neira explained a 60-year mission to achieve highest standard of public health by saving water and sanitation – except now using different approaches. Dr Maria added that the lack of saving water efficiently in certain countries, has led to two million deaths yearly, hence the need to get policy makers and experts involved.

2011_archive_pic12The representatives who made the grand launch

Our Guest of Honour LG (NS) Desmond Kuek then acknowledged the hard work that went into the research of the book. He mentioned that the SIWW is a good platform to address the challenge of supplying safe drinking water.

The book’s details (yes, the more technical part) were explained by the final speaker Dr David Cunliffe, who strongly emphasised that this 4th Edition was released not for further substantial changes, but it was to clarify the messages from the 3rd edition and to provide additional guidance.

The most awaited part of the event – the book’s launch was accompanied with an incredible mini pyrotechnic display.

So to end off on a note, a tremendous amount of work has went into the publication of this book and it should be appreciated fully, for everyone must play a part in keeping the Earth’s precious water alive.

Furthermore, the book’s available for digital download here.

By S. Suvinraj Pillai,
Singapore Polytechnic
Roving Reporter for Youth@SIWW


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