Failure Is The Mother Of Success

4 Jul 2011                           

As a kid in primary school, I learned from a Chinese proverb that “Failure is the mother of success”. But I was lucky and had never gotten to experience failure till I was much older – for the simple reason being that I had never sought out any commitment that warranted success while in my adolescent years.

But on 4 July 2011, after attending the Young Water Talents Symposium at Suntec City, I realised the root of the cause – I was missing the passion. And it was this passion that I saw burning in the eyes the Sembcorp Water Technology Prize winning team from Hwa Chong Institution.


Team from Hwa Chong Institution with their winning model

The three-man team comprising of Ang Wei Jian, Lee Choon Kiat and Sia Han Yung bashfully confessed that they were caught off-guard about the group’s achievement as they had faced many failures while testing their self-designed wiping system that aims to reduce membrane fouling in membrane bioreactors. “We’re all interested in science and technology,” was Ang’s answer when asked about the driving force behind their efforts. Coupled with a ‘never-say-die’ attitude, it has proven to be a formula for the trio’s success.

However, while it is commendable and heartening to see youth taking such a proactive role in being concerned about the environment, I hope this serves as a platform for young environmental enthusiasts to step forward and participate in next year’s competition. After all, doing our part to preserve and restore our environment is a 24/7 job that all should undertake.

By Sandy Lai,
Singapore Polytechnic
Roving Reporter for Youth@SIWW


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