Global Launch of the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking-water quality

30 Jun 2011                   

Being given the task of reporting on the global launch of the 4th edition of the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking-water quality was a great honour, one that I will take pride in. Getting there however, was admittedly a chore.

After several long minutes of getting lost in the sea of important VIPs and reporters, I managed to get myself into the right meeting room in Suntec. Just in time, as the event was just about to begin. I must admit, being in the room surrounded by important looking men and women, as well as professional reporters with their expensive cameras made me feel a little out of place.

Thankfully, the event got underway, and the experts making the presentation were kind enough to start things off with a little witty banter about being in labour and giving birth – with reference to the launch of the new guidelines of course. (Perfectly clean and makes sense in context, I swear!)

But jokes aside, the launch itself was an important milestone in water quality standards, not only in Singapore, but for countries worldwide.

The guidelines aimed to further improve on the measures currently in place to keep drinking water at a standard that is suitable for consumption. Seeing as how (by WHO’s own admission) human and animal feces are still the main causes of water contamination, I’d have to agree that measures currently in place can be improved.

All in all, the WHO looks to have put a lot of effort in the new guidelines. I do feel that coming here was a great experience, and I do hope that these new guidelines get implemented to great effect, for the sake of everyone.

By Zainal Ariffin,
Singapore Polytechnic,
Roving Reporter for Youth@SIWW


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