Water Issues and Carnival Games

2 Jul 2010                      

Bukit View Primary School played host to the Primary School’s Water Festival, where 80 students from eight different primary schools gathered together to learn more about water and the surround issues.

Dunman High School’s Environment Club teacher in-charge and one of Watermark Award 2009 Winners; Mrs Koh Swee Ling was the facilitator of this Water Showcase held in tandem with the Singapore International Water Week.

It wasn’t just a long day of boring stuffy lectures for the students, but rather a day filled with engaging and interactive carnival type games designed by students from Dunman High School, that teaches them about the importance of water.

One such game was the “floating bicycle” where students who were grouped into teams would be given cards with the names of various materials and they would have to sort them out into the right “recycling bins.”

A primary five student, Justin Liaw from Nanyang Primary really enjoyed the activities, saying, “I really enjoyed the games, especially the board games. Plus I really learned a lot too.”

Mdm Rosia, teacher and community involvement project co-ordinator at Teck Whye Primary School, brought her students to “create more awareness about environment protection.”

“Teck Whye Primary is conducting a lot of green projects in the hopes of clinching the Green School Award.”

She added, “The students are all really enthusiastic about the environment. The ones who didn’t get to come today, were really disappointed.”

Mr Eugene Heng, Chairman of Waterways Watch, said, “To me the value of water is very intricate.”

“We need to nurture and inculcate the value of water into youths so that the world will be a much better place, the sustainable use of water would be possible.”

Mr Heng hopes to bring the Primary School Water Festival to as many schools as possible in various school zones.

But he also says, “We can not leave out the parents and grandparents as they play an important role in shaping youths views of water conservation as well.”

By Naveen K


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