How does YRCC engage the young in the quest to manage the Yellow River?

1 Jul 2010                        

Impressed and aspired by YRCC, our roving reporter, Andrianna Garcia volunteered to cover a story about YRCC, winner of the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize 2010. In her article, titled “Wise words from Minister Mentor Lee”, Andrianna penned down her “Water Prize” experience during the Water Week. An enthusiastic budding journalist, Andrianna requested to interview Commissioner of YRCC, Li Guoying on his views of how does YRCC engage the young in the quest to manage the Yellow River.

Transcript of Interview

“The management of the Yellow River has a prolonged history of more than 2000 years ago and the quest to manage it has been passed down from one generation to another. Our team consists of more youths as compared to before. The biggest advantage of recruiting young people is that they have the drive, are educated and have better skills & knowledge in the latest technology. For the development and maintenance of the Yellow River, we not only require traditional methods and experiences, we also need more new technology and skills to increase efficiency. The younger generations have an abundance of opportunities to explore their potential. They pick up skills easily, are quick-witted, more competitive, as well as better energy and passion for their job. I’m sure future generations can redevelopment the management of Yellow River in a more improved and efficient way.”

By Andrianna Garcia


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